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Sophie Turner Hard Nipples of the Day

Sophie Turner Hard Nipples Braless

Hey Game of Thrones queers…

Sophie Turner has hard nipples and may not be wearing a bra….perverts…

I mean I realize that Game of Thrones is beyond the nerd audience it was designed for….and that it is super mainstream because the mainstream is drawn to nerd shit…but it’s still fucking queer…

Being excited about braless girls doesn’t happen to me, I just think it’s better than bras, cuz I like tits…and I feel shame and sadness for the kinds of losers out there who are excited over braless tits..because that in and of itself is a little virginal in a can’t get laid kind of way…but even the most studly of studs with women knocking down their door can be happy when a girl rocks braless tits….hard nippled…I think the comination of no bra excitement, game of thrones and this site audience of losers…makes it something embarrassing on some mom’s basement bedroom at 40 years old level…but that cool, rich, accomplished dudes with swagger can also be into….

What I am saying in my confusing and terribly written rant is simple…braless tits trascend all levels of men…from the biggest of loser to the most desirable cuz we all like tits.

All that writing….so pointless….why do I bother….

Sophie Turner Hard Nipples Braless


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