Katy Perry Is A Naked Fat Slob

Katy Perry naked

Pop star turned land whale Katy Perry appears to show off her sloppy fat naked body while escaping from a fisherman’s net in the video clip below.

Katy Perry has always been a disgusting pig of a woman on the inside, it is just that now with her lesbodyke haircut and blubbery post-baby body her awfulness is reflected on the outside as well.

Katy Perry fat swimsuit

Yes, Katy has certainly become a frumpy MILF (Mother I’d Like to Flog) after shitting out just one kid, and she shows no signs of ever returning to her former self.

Katy Perry upskirt ass

And stuffing her bloated gut into Spanx and a sundress to try and hide her fat frame isn’t going to help… Especially when she keeps ripping noxious nacho farts and blowing up the back of her dress to display her bulbous butt cheeks.

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Author: the fappening