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Jennifer Lawrence Cleavage of the Day

Jennifer Lawrence is some overrated actor…that makes no fucking sense to me….how did the people decide that this was the one who needed to be in every big movie…and paid stupid amounts of money…making her a “celebrity”….and why did they choose her..

I find her very uninteresting..on all fronts…except her “front”…cuz she’s got a set of rockin’ tits…despite everything about her sucking…

Her tits in all the slutty nudes the slutty girl starred in, which I consider to be her best role….

The dude got arrested and sent to jail over leaking them….and I am sure from his cell he feels like it was worth it…because the world needed to see the tits…she needed us to see them.

It made her more appealing to me and I’m sure other J.Law Haters…so lets keep this focus on the tits…

TO see the rest of the pics CLICK HERE

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