How much you can earn as a webcam model

As web cam models themselves put it, this is a gig based purely on commissions you get from your viewers and fans (customers, in other words). In no way this is a stable 9-to-5 job with a regular predictable paycheck in your mailbox. So if you are not ready to take risks, this job is not for you. If you have a streak of entrepreneurship running in your veins, then go ahead.

How much you can earn on webcam sites like

It depends. Namely, it depends on the site itself, its audience, your audience, your energy and working mood, on number of sites you use, and so on. The general rule is that the more time you invest and the more sites you use, the higher the earning.

How is money generated?

You are paid by customers through tokens they buy on the cam website. Token is worth 4 cents for a beginner and 5 cents for a more advanced model. On some sites, fans can send tokens to models during public shows; on other sites only private room shows generate income. Clarify it before registering and starting your work there. Tips can be aggregated into ample bulk sums and sent to preferred models. Tips of $2,000 or even $5,000 are not unheard of, but you need to become a professional to get them from loyal fans.

On average, beginners and mid level models earn $20 to $50 per hour. Multiply that by desired number of hours and you will get an average salary of a web cam model. Usually models who agree to disclose the info about their salary name the sums of $1,000 to $4,000 per month, which is quite modest but feasible and relatable income. This is what you should expect as a beginner under other equal conditions on reputable sites like .

Can I earn more?

Absolutely. What we mentioned to you is the basic level that you should expect on the dawn of your career. The end sum of the paycheck is open and you can make it really, really big. Some models boast of earning $200-$700 per day, and a day actually means 3 to 4 hours spent on camera. More days – more money, obviously. Claims about $10,000 per week you will be earning right from your first day are exaggerated, so do not put much hopes on them right now. These figures will be attainable as you become more confident, versed in customers’ tastes, more artistic and engaging, so to say, and as your fan base on several sites including  grows. Yes, the strait numbers of people who turn their cameras on and open their wallets waiting for you, the one and only, matter the most. Even if they do not shell out the particularly big tips individually, the sheer number of small tips will nicely add up to a very handsome daily total.

On lucky days you will be able to earn the regular week’s salary in a couple of hours. On quiet days be ready to see little engagement. That’s just stars and Mercury going retrograde, nothing personal.

The dream salary of a star web cam model?

Basically, you can earn a living, and even a small fortune, if you devote enough time, patience, planning and a little bit of acting. The biggest sums cited so far are $700,000 per year for a female model and $150,000 for male model who work rather infrequent hours.

But alas, not everyone can hit this high mark. There are stories about models who can hardly make anything, but these are rare. If you invest yourself right from the start and be persistent, you will reach your personal financial goals.

Are there underwater rocks?

Well, you have to pay taxes, websites may take high commission and you may have a fluctuating income. Choose the payment system that helps you to work legally, Paxum being the best one so far (no advertising intended, just sharing the info). Learn about site commissions in advance, since they may reach up to 50% of your earnings on the site. And finally, make a schedule and stick to it with your shows. This is the fastest way to grow a good fan base – and, you got it, to earn regularly and earn more, of course!

Author: tbernardi