Here’s a Drunk Girl Opening Champagne….flashing everyone her panties while looking like a dumb bitch with her snapchat filter on…..but in her defence, this is what everyone looks like. I blame the internet…

This video is brought to you by our friends over at B1 Hangover Cure – who want you to FIGHT HANGOVERS WHILE YOU ARE DRINKING ….

Because drinking is fun, it makes girls do dumb things like have sex with you, and open Champagne like full retards…before flashing everyone their panties…but hangovers suck..

I drank three bottles of wine at a Karaoke bar with random tourists I met…four nights ago…because I am a social anti-social when it comes to drinking…and I still feel like shit…but I guess I always feel like shit an it is hard to tell if it is a hangover or impending death…but I do suggest using anything that claims to help hangovers whether it works for you or not…because it’s worth trying in the even that it does work. Plus you can tell all the girls in the bar the reason for your patch…you know cuz you’re a health conscious guy who likes to feel good…while being a degenerate loser drunk…it’s a nice balance.

So get yours HERE ….

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