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Chelsea Handler Nipples of the Day

Chelsea Handler Nipples

I always found Chelsea Handler’s content mean spirited, rude, vulgar and unappealing….even though people say I am an asshole to celebrities and by default I should like other vulgar, rude and unattractive people….But then again, I appreciate mean spirited content when it is directed at celebrities, since they are the fucking worst
She seemed like a bitter bitch, just trying to be as nasty as possible because she couldn’t get a career as an actress and was forced to choose the route of ugly girls to get where she is…even with the tits…COMEDY.

It’s very easy for a woman to take over the Comic scene…cuz comics are all perverts who can’t get laid….losers really….that’s why Louis C.K. is jerking off on random comics….easy to manipulate.

I don’t mind that in her old age, Chelsea Handler loves showing off her big tits to get noticed, I mean it’s the only thing she does worth paying attention to, and the only thing most women do worth paying attention to.

Her tits are her whole act now…so here she is being “funny” with the titties….oh that wild comedian girl…exhibitionism….but where’s the clit….

This isn’t hot, but it happened….again.


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