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Bebe Rexha in Health Magazine of the Day

Healthy fat chicks – what?

Here’s some Bebe Rexha in a Health magazine, which is a fucking ridiculous since she’s fat…but I am against that whole fat girls pretending they are healthy, just cuz they aren’t dying of diabetes yet, doesn’t man that she’s not going to die of obesity related diseases which is kind of the trend now, putting an aggressive strain on the healthcare system….because everyone is an unhealthy lazy fuck…who likes eating shit food…

I am a fat person….my wife is a fat person who just won’t die of related diseases…but that doesn’t mean she won’t…or I won’t…

It also doesn’t mean we should be on health magazines celebrating how unhealthy we are….

This is the dumbest thing that has happened in modern times…saying fat is healthy…when science says it’s not…

Be empowered all you want, wear the bikinis and make a fat fool of yourself but don’t spread fucking lies!!

This is some fake news shit…that doesn’t help the people….it’s all fucking bad. So that’s why I am posting it.

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