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Venus Williams Nude Outtake Photo Leaked - Kar Jenners
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Kar Jenners

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Venus Williams Nude Outtake Photo Leaked

Venus Williams nude

Tennis star Venus Williams has reportedly just had the nude outtake above from her photo shoot for ESPN’s “Body Issue” leaked online.

Venus Williams nude

Personally us pious Muslims do not see what the big deal is, for if you shove a fried chicken bone through her nose and put a spear in her hand Venus would look right at home as your typical Sub-Saharan nigra out in the wild of the African savanna. In fact, no doubt the only reason ESPN didn’t include this nude outtake in the final publication is that they did not want to step on National Geographic’s toes.

Venus Williams nude

Of course it is not like we need to see Venus’ tits to know that she is top shelf breeding stock for our stable or big buck abids, and that she would produce quite the litter of quality field hands for our poppy plantations.